Lets not forget our Single Mothers…Happy Father’s day

Father’s Day here, but who will be receiving the Father’s Day gift? Is it your father…or mother? Single mothers on Father’s Day, you all deserve presents. Single parent mothers are the ultimate superwomen. Not only do they conquer the duties of motherhood, they also take on the braveries of fatherhood. Single mothers run around like a chicken with their heads cut off. They work all day, but then come home to only work even more. Without the help of a father figure, they somehow are able to get the job done. Single mothers are essentially omnipresent because they do it all.
Single mother households are unfortunately becoming the new “norm.” Thankfully, despite the dilemma, many fatherless children are still succeeding with the help of their mothers. A side from the circumstances, single parent mothers will do anything to ensure that they are supplying their children with tender, love, and care.
Single mothers deserve presents on Father’s Day. You are a gift to society. Without your courageous characteristics to take on the responsibilities of your own and others, where would many of us be?
Single mothers; kick your feet up on Father’s Day. No matter if you are divorced, remarried, never been married or widowed; June 16th, 2013 is your day. If it weren’t for you, many of us would not be who we are, today. Therefore, Happy Father’s Day and we thank you.



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